Autumn Wind / Tears of Blood

by Leafcutter

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released July 29, 2013

Recorded by Ben Morey fall 2011 in his attic in Rochester, NY. Written and performed by Stephen LoVerme.



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Leafcutter Boston, Massachusetts

Electric folk.

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Track Name: Autumn Wind
Autumn wind blows the leaves across the road
Color red bleeds across the western sky
Taillights fade into the shade / love is made
Jingle jangle morning’s around the bend

Lighted signs hang above half open doors
Paper cups rattling change like tambourines
Cigarettes in sidewalk raves / Jesus saves
It’s warm inside the sliding doors by the ATM

And you know
Change comes slow
But you can change

Sunday paper lying on the subway floor
People’s names / living and dying / on the page
Mouths to feed / wounds that bleed / ones we need
Some will win / some will lose / some sing the blues

And you know
Change comes slow
But you can change
Track Name: Tears of Blood
Horses scream across the open plain
Gunfire crackles, thunder clouds the air
Fighting for the right to roam the land
White man’s got to own and bleed it dry

And so we shed these tears of blood upon the ground
As the Ancestors await us in the sky

You came, we gave, and welcomed you into the land
You lie, and steal, and butcher those who sleep at night
Make man your slave, and break his spirit as we turn to ghosts
And hide inside the shadows looking to the sky

This legacy of sorrow hangs above
Our heads just like fog upon a lake
The bottle brings a refuge from the pain
Our way of life is dead and gone away

You reap what you sow